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Waterbirth offers several advantages, including increased relaxation for the mother and a gentler, smoother transition for the baby. Being immersed in warm water increases endorphin levels, allowing women greater relaxation and increasing their ability to cope with contractions. Contractions are generally reported to be less painful in the water and during the pushing stage the warm water helps the mother’s tissue stretch so that she doesn’t tear. Women who wish to labor and birth in water can do so in the home or in the birth center. In the birth center there are birthing tubs that you can utilize. At home, a birth tub can be rented or you can purchase a kiddie pool and this works just fine. The pool must be clean and the water temperature must be maintained at 98.6 or higher. Studies that have been done in Europe have proven waterbirth to be safe, with no increased risk of infection for mother or baby. For more information on waterbirth you can visit these sites:

http://www.waterbirthinfo.com   Water Birth