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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and is a safe option for most women. With the rising rate of cesareans in this country, and specifically in South Florida, many women are faced with the question of whether to try for a VBAC in a subsequent pregnancy. Bellymama Midwifery offers VBAC for women who have a low-transverse incision and encourages all women who’ve had a prior cesarean to educate themselves about the risks/benefits of VBAC vs. repeat cesarean. Cesarean section is a major surgery with increased risks both for mom and baby, including infection, hemorrhage, breathing problems, and prematurity. Having a cesarean also increases risks in future pregnancies. VBAC carries with it the small risk of uterine rupture (< 1%) and its consequences. Studies have shown that 80% of women who attempt VBAC have successful vaginal births with no harm to themselves or their babies.

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