Shakti Rising: Maya’s Labyrinth

Shakti Rising is both spirit and form. It is a show that explores the concepts of pregnancy, birth and loss, expressing life at it’s very core through the art of dance. Featuring an array of dancers, Shakti tells a powerful story through various styles of movement including, bellydance, North African, Afro-Cuban folklore, and modern. Both locally and internationally known artists will be collaborating in this unique project, including Hanan, Harmonic Motion, Marisol Blanco, Sikan Afro-Cuban Dance Project, Sonya Feldman, and Venus Rising.

Shakti Rising also features a panel discussion exploring health disparities related to pregnancy and birth. Loss is a stark reality in the United States, where Black mothers and babies are dying at much higher rates than other races. Solutions such as breastfeeding, education and access to midwives will be addressed.