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While good prenatal care will a pick up or eliminate most complications during the pregnancy, there is always a possibility that a complication may arise during labor.  For this reason midwives are trained in handling several kinds of emergency situations and also know when transfer is appropriate.  Bellymama Midwifery works with several back up obstetricians in case there is a need to transfer to the hospital for any reason.  The vast majority (98%) of transports in labor are for non-emergency reasons and transfer is done by private car to the hospital of the back up physician.  In the case of a true emergency transfer would be by ambulance to the nearest hospital with an obstetrical unit.  An emergency care plan is completed for each client by the 36th week of pregnancy to outline the plan for emergencies.  The midwife accompanies the woman and her family to the hospital to provide support and facilitate a smooth transfer of care.