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It was Friday April 13th, 2012 and I went to work like any other day.  Since I wasn’t “due” till April 19th I had planned on working through the weekend.  While at work I went for a long walk on the beach in the morning.  Later on, at about 5:30, I decided to work out on the spinning bike for a half hour and then do a few minutes walking on the treadmill.  I felt great!

After taking a shower I got in the car to drive home at 7pm and I felt the first contraction. It wasn’t too bad but I definitely felt it.  Rafael drove us home and we decided to get some Chinese food on the way home for dinner.  While driving I had about two more contractions that were manageable.

When we got home and ate dinner I started noticing some bloody discharge from the mucous plug releasing.  I phoned Corina to let her know.  But my contractions were about an hour or half hour separate and not regular so she advised me to try to get some sleep and call her in the morning.

Throughout the night I woke up from an intense contraction about once an hour and really had to use my voice to get through them.  I also made about 3 large bowel movements.

At 6:30 AM we decided that Rafael would go to his daughter’s swim meet with her and be back around 12.  The contractions were still so far apart that we didn’t think the baby would come soon, but I called out of work anyway and asked a few girlfriends to come over and go for a walk with me.

10:30 Sarah, Amanda, Pam and I went for an easy walk around the neighborhood. I only had to stop one time to catch my breath for a contraction.  We got home and everyone but Sarah left.  I took a shower and was feeling good when I came downstairs and then I had about three intense contractions back to back.  I just took some deep breaths and used my moaning to get though them.

12:30 Monica arrives with some food, and Sarah leaves with Daisy.  Shortly after, Rafael and Rhiannen get home from swimming.  I ate a little chicken soup and we all sat down to watch a movie.

At about 1:30 I got up and went upstairs to use the bathroom and while on the toilet I had a contraction and my water broke with huge pop and a gush! I was shocked and phoned Corina immediately. She still said since my contractions weren’t regular I could wait an hour and call her again.

Almost immediately the contractions began getting extremely intense and were coming back-to-back!  I made my way to the tub and Rafael ran some water over my back.  I was feeling the intense urge to push! My body began pushing during the contractions I couldn’t even stop it! I started screaming to Rafael “I’m PUSHING!!!”

iphone 761 Rafael phoned Corina and she said to stay in the tub and she would be there soon.  She arrived at about 2:30 and checked me only to find the baby’s head was already making her way down the birth canal!  In another three or four contractions and ten minutes later her head was out!  I remember being in total consciousness of my body but also being aware that a higher force was driving me through it.  I felt every bit of what was going on and it was so amazing! Once her head was delivered Corina had me carefully turn over so that I was on all fours to deliver the rest of the baby.  I pushed and there she was!  She rested calmly on my back for a moment and then we maneuvered me back into a seated position so I could rest and hold the baby.  She was beautiful and perfect!  I have never felt so alive, or so powerful!  Teagan was born at 3:50 PM.

After catching my breath for a few minutes while Teagan immediately started nursing, Rafael helped me stand up carefully.  By this time the other midwife had arrived and prepared the bed.  Rafael carefully helped me move to the bed and I rested there.  It was beautiful because I was never separated from my baby.  It took about  half an hour more and with the help of the midwives I delivered the placenta and a few minutes later Rafael cut the umbilical cord.  They weighed the baby and examined her.

Rhiannen was downstairs with Monica and was surprised to hear the news that her little sister was already born!  I was surprised too because it all happened so fast!

NKbabyOne midwife attended to the baby while the other helped me decide if I wanted stitches for the minor tear which in the end we decided not to do.  It was barely a tear at all and would most likely heal on its own. She helped me to the shower.

I was feeling great and very shocked that it all happened so fast.  It was a beautiful birth, the lights were dim and the atmosphere was calm.  I would do it again in a second!

Looking back on the experience I can’t say there is anything I would change about it.  A few people have asked me if I wished at any point that I had gone to the hospital and gotten an epidural and I can honestly say, NO!  The pain was never so bad that I felt I wouldn’t be able to get through it.  I knew to  put the trust in my body and in God that everything would be ok. I would not change one thing about that beautiful day, April 14th, 2012.    iphone 777