Home Birth Video – Jonathan’s Birthday 2011

Corina Fitch is Gladys’ midwife here….and she was great! 🙂

My name is Gladys, I am a wife and mom of three precious children (one of which is in heaven) and I am thrilled to share the birth story of my son which has enriched our hearts and changed our view on life and birth forever…
Jonathan’s pregnancy came to us as a total surprise after a painful miscarriage in early 2011. But once we got over the shock and fear that losing this baby was a possibility once again, we noticed we had changed. We were no longer victims, but in charge. Not easily lured into mainstream practices just because a “professional” said so, but rather committed to research, to knowing and understanding the reasons why we do things. Our own experience and testimony of close trusted friends led us to make a decision to have our baby at home and my pregnancy in the care of a midwife.  I was lucky to find Corina as a referral from my dear friend Jackie and after meeting with her one time; my husband and I knew she would be the best person to walk us by the hand through this process.

The Value Of Midwifery: For Women, For Families, For Communities

Midwives matter: for you, your family, your community. Find out why!

What is the value of midwifery care? How do midwives impact you, your family, and your community? Learn more in this short video, co-produced by Woman In The Moon films.